Hi! Welcome to Gina and Kevin's web page.

Kevin and Gina's wedding took place on June 21, 2003. All kinds of pictures of the wedding as well as the shower and the honeymoon can be seen online. If you took your own pictures of the wedding, we would love to post them on our site. Please contact Gina's Dad for instructions on how to upload your photo files or to mail him a photo CD, which will be returned.

For a 20-minute Quicktime movie of our wedding ceremony, right-click here and save the file. Then play it using Quicktime on your computer, typically by just double-clicking on the saved file, GKwedding.mov. The movie looks best at about 2x size. Warning: This is a very large file, about 70 Megabytes. With a 56 Kb/s modem, the file will take over three hours to download. Even if you have a very high-speed internet connection, the download will take at least half an hour because of uplink speed limitations on our server.

There are lots of pictures and descriptions of various Wakerly family vacations at the family site and there are assorted random photos maintained by Gina's brother Mike at his photo gallery site.